Saturday, October 10, 2009

Corky Coats Cover Girls, The Crystal Anniversary Edition

My daughter Courtney, aka Corky, just celebrated her sweet sixteenth birthday. It was a blast, we had a bouncy bounce set up in the yard, an event tent, cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, DJ with strobe lights, the pool heated to 80 degrees, a bonfire and an awesome fireworks show courtesy of my brother, Jeff. A school bus picked Courtney and her friends up at the Portsmouth Abbey, brought them to the party and back to school later that night.

A few months after Courtney was born, Kim and I started Corky & Company. On reflection if Courtney is sixteen, that means Corky & Company is celebrating our 15th anniversary. There are a lot of memories packed into those fifteen years! Here's a look at some of our cover models over the years.

Happy Anniversary Corky & Company

A big THANK YOU to all our retailers, corky coat fans, employees, suppliers and friends. It's because of you that Corky and Company is celebrating our crystal anniversary.

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