Monday, April 7, 2008

Corky & Company: All Hat no Coat

Q: I would like to be a sales rep for you in the South Shore Duxbury, Hingham, Norwell area. Are there any job possibilities for me? I'd love the challenge!
Asked by mary sullivan

A: Hi Mary:

I really like your spunk and sense of adventure.

Our relationships with our US sales reps go back fifteen years when Kim and I started Corky. We have a wonderful high energy person, Dinah, who represents Corky throughout New England and she continues to do a great job building the Corky brand in her territory.

Dinah was Corky's first sales rep. On a Memorial Day weekend back in 1994, Kim and I took a bag of hats to Cape Cod to see if we could start a business. While we sold out the hats and took orders for more one store-owner suggested we should get a New England sales rep because we couldn't do the selling, making and shipping and keep our sanity. Our reply simply was, "what's a sales rep?" The store-owner politely explained and recommended we contact Dinah.

Kim diligently contacted Dinah and set-up an appointment. Kim, with our infant daughter, met Dinah to show her the hats and Dinah said something to the effect of "Honey, the hats are cute, but I can't make enough commission to justify selling your hats. But, if you add a couple of coats I'd really be able to sell your line." Kim left and as Dinah watch Kim wheeling the stroller away with our daughter she made a mental note that she'd never see that person again.

Kim came home and asked what I thought. I said what do you have to loose, make a couple coats for kids. The next week Kim called Dinah and said the coat samples were ready. Dinah was shocked, but true to her word she sold and sold our coats and that's how Corky & Company began.

Dinah's daughter Laurel has now joined her in business and both represent Corky & Company in New England. Dinah will always have a special place in my heart even though she can be my biggest critic or more accurately her customers biggest advocate!

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