Monday, April 7, 2008

All the Corky Vests We've Tried

Q: Why don't you make fleece vests with embellishments like you do with your coats??? They would be great for both boys and girls! If you made a few proto types, size 7, I would be your feedback person!
Asked by mary sullivan

A: Hi Mary:

We've tried vests, ponchos and shrugs many times over the past fifteen years and each time we weren't able to collect enough orders to commit to production. It seems like store-owners and buyers prefer to buy these items as part of a sportswear outfit.

Your question however, has given me a great idea for a new post.

I'll start writing a post about how our girls outerwear collections are conceived and all the changes that are made before the product is shipped to retailers. It's a 10 month process involving an immense amount of collaboration between design, marketing, sales, production and store-owners/buyers.

Thanks for the question.

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