Monday, March 24, 2008

Corky Warehouse Sale in Full Bloom

A big thank you to all who attended the one week Corky spring 2008 warehouse sale and to all our school partners that helped promote the event. Our employees worked two weeks straight to make the sale possible, changing the warehouse into a store, assisting customers, running the check-out area and then turning the store back into a warehouse.

The Girls Toddler Asle

We took Good Friday off for a much needed rest and then finished setting up the warehouse today. Behind the scenes and late into each evening, we continued shipping current season merchandise to our cherished retailers who are the ones that truly make the "Corky Sale" possible.

These Cowboy Hats are so Cool!

The sale kicked off on Wednesday with our VIP afternoon. We rented a carnival popcorn machine and provided drinks along with the fresh popped popcorn. We managed to keep the check-out line to less than a fifteen minute wait and the selection was tremendous for those who attended. This is really the best way to shop the Corky Sale. Here's some tips to become a VIP attendee.

The Girls 4-6X Aisle

We had a special email invitation only day on Friday that kicked off at noon. This has now become as large as our official opening day as the email list has sailed past 5,000 people. You can sign-up for the special email day at The selection was still great, but the first few hours felt like the running of the brides at the Filene's bridal gown sale. I personally apologize for the long check-out line. I had an all time high of twelve people at check-out, six people collecting money, two tallying orders, and four bagging orders. I understand there were a couple of line cutting fights and I hope all left feeling satisfied.

Kim & Lucie Checking Out and Keeping a Sense of Humor

The Dreaded Check Out Line

Jeanne, Ellie, Amanda and Diane Hustling at Check Out

We started early Saturday morning in an effort to get a jump on the check-out lines. I was truly amazed at the line waiting to come in at 9 am on a Saturday morning. There were 25,000 invitations given out between our mailing list and schools handing out postcards. Again we kept twelve people at check out and I think we were able to keep the wait to less than an hour. I just don't have more people that I can trust at check-out.

The Girl's 7-14 Aisle

I provide some warehouse sale shopping tips a few weeks ago to help during the sale and I can offer one more now. Hint: Come as team and have one person wait in line while the other shops and then trade rolls. If you get to the front we'll let you stay off to the side until your ready to check out. Husbands can make a good surrogate line holder to.

The Boys Selection was the Best Ever

By the end Saturday the best items were in short supply but we came in very early Sunday to organize and restock items discarded at check-out. The selection was still good when the doors opened at 10 am on Sunday. This was our third day of the sale and Corky was able to take five and take some pictures of the sale. I hope your enjoying the photos.

Find a Quite Corner and Try It On

The sale continued Monday and Tuesday and by the end of the day Tuesday we were getting very picked over. At 7 PM Tuesday we sent an email announcing an egg-citing sale for the last two days of the sale. As customers arrived they picked an easter egg and inside was a discount coupon for between 10% and 50% off your entire purchase. This was a lot of fun and thanks for all the return shoppers who came back to participate in the egg-citing days. Warehouse sale shoppers we love you. Please enjoy this photo gallery.

Picking through the Seconds. Must be the eBay Resellers!

The items on the third highest rail were off limits because we are still shipping those items to retailers or we're saving the inventory for our Canadian and European retailers. Please believe me NOBODY CHECKED OUT WITH ITEMS ON THE THIRD RAIL. I had no devious plan like saving that inventory for later in the week. Thanks for your understanding.

The spring sale is now closed and we won't open to the public until Columbus Day weekend. Thanks to all who attended and we hope to see you back in the fall.

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orky Warehouse Sale in Full Bloom A big thank you to all who attended the one week Corky spring 2008 warehouse sale and to all our school partners that helped.\/