Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hilarious Fashion Tips to Make You Laugh

For your enjoyment here are some funny fashion tips; please don't shoot the messenger.

1. Fashion Tips For Women From A Guy Who Knows Dick About Fashion (R rated)

A) Red Lipstick Makes You Look Like a Clown

B) Castro Hats Make You Look Like a Dictator

C) Crocs Look Like Crap and Make Your Feet Smell

D) Self-Aggrandizing "Hottie" Shirts Make You Look Like a Witch

E) Wear This and Your Head is Coming out of a Giant Female Rose Bud
F) Breast Curtains Make You Look Pregnant

2. Mens Summer Fashion Mistakes (G Rated)

A) Never Wear White Socks
B) Jean Shorts Are Never Okay Unless Your An Overweight Plumply Man
C) Cut off Jeans with Fringe Over Hairy Legs Are Scary
D) Capri Styled Pants for Men are Not "in"

3. DontSpotting User Uploaded Photos (PG Rated)

Check out the Worst of the Worst

4. There are Some Looks that Should be Outlawed (PG Rated)

Plaids and prints on the posterior make for prickly predicaments. With this much patterned "ca-Pow"on the cooley one expects clown shoes to anchor the ensemble.

Big bad boobie pockets give you beastly blouse baggage.

A big white bra strap is NOT a fashion accessory! It's called underwear for a reason.

This "Coin Slot" is OUT OF ORDER! Nobody wants to see the revealing introduction to your cooley! Make sure your junk isn't peaking out of your trunk.

Tight low rise jeans, heavy belts and tiny tees put your pooch on parade!

Over plucked, dislocated, misshaped, or drawn on clown-brows are a MAJOR NO NO!

I hope you laughed as much as I did!


Amanda said...

I followed your link from Small Business Trends. So funny! I couldn't agree more with all of those.

AmericanGoy said...

Hi, this is AG.

What do you mean by "Hey just some laymen advise. Put the article above the fold. I almost stumbled right by"?

What do you mean by putting article above the fold?

Sorry for going off topic in your thread.

AmericanGoy said...

Believe it or not I did take your criticism of my site to heart.

Take a look and give me your feedback, please.

Much appreciated.

Alan Macomber said...

American Goy - Your blog looks great

Anonymous said...

you need to cite the first part, maddox's site has a link which you need to place under his work.

Anonymous said...

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