Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Who are Corky Coats

Corky & Company, a children's outerwear manufacturer, was started in 1994 by my wife Kim and me.

I have an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, an MBA and was an executive for a large aerospace company. While working in aerospace I had the opportunity to do business in many countries, so I'm comfortable outside the borders of the USA. Kim had a computer science degree and was a successful systems analyst. The bottom line, however, was we knew little about garment manufacturing, our new venture.

The fashion business is competitive, but to keep perspective realize all businesses operate in a competitive environment and the strongest survive and thrive. Any successful business you start, will require luck, inspiration, perspiration and perseverance.

If you want to start an apparel company, the best blog on the subject is called the Fashion Incubator written by Kathleen Fasanella. Her book, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing is an invaluable resource for both industry rookies and veterans.

I've started four companies, three succeeded and one failed. I consider the failed business to be a decade ahead of it's time. I started a dating service in 1985 and I now think what could have been if it had been 1995. Maybe a dot com millionaire?

As I've seasoned, my hair turning from brown to salt and pepper, I've joined two company boards. I thoroughly enjoy helping people succeed and hope you take away a little something to add to your success.

Always remember, enjoy the journey because for us mortals the destination is always the same.

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Anonymous said...

How true your statements are.
I wish you, Kim and your family a great 2010.
Jim Carroll